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1. Is the previous teaching experience necessary?
No. We want you only if you have the passion and ambition to teach well. And we will supply professional teaching training before you go to the position.

2. How can I know if I passed the interview or not
You will receive the reply after the interview several days.

3. Do I need to know how to speak Chinese?
We prefer but it does not necessary. And if you are interested in learning Chinese, we have free online lessons for you every week.

4. When should I come to China and who will arrang
You can come according to the start date that you sign in the contact. And tell us your flight information in advance, then we will come to pick you up and arrange the schedule.

5. Will I have medical and incident insurance when I am in China?
Yes, you will. And we provide them freely.

6. How can I go to the school I teach in?
We will provide the train ticket and the teacher in that school will come to the station to pick you up.


· Changsha Jinhai Middle school

· Jingmen No.1 High school

· Jingshan No.1 Middle school

· Jinhai Middle school

· Jinjiang No.1 middle school

· Yiling Experimental Middle school

· Xianshuigu No.1 high school

· Zhaodong No.1 Middle school

· Changsha Daotian Middle school



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